Sunday, August 28, 2022

Episode 67

 We're back! Again! For the second or third time!

In this episode, we discuss an upcoming short story anthology that I (Shawn) put together. 

Ironically enough, it's called 'Through the Aftermath,' in honor of this podcast and all of you wonderful listeners. It's a compilation of 19 different stories from 19 different authors, all with a common theme: Cupcakes. No wait, I mean THE POST-APOCALYPSE!

The anthology will be available for purchase from retail book stores and on Amazon in 2023, but I started up a Kickstarter for early access and special deals that will only be available through this Kickstarter (like getting your name in the book or on the back cover!).

We also discuss our favorite upcoming post-apocalyptic TV shows, movies, and games. And, as always, Jonathan's intro is beyond epic.

You may have noticed that this episode is on a completely different feed! You can now find us on Anchor, with links to several other platforms from that site coming soon.

We'll be porting over old episodes soon (TM) so sit tight! Jon has to fix the reel-to-reel transponding machine again. 

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