Thursday, July 23, 2009

Episode 15

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In this 15th episode of Through the Aftermath, Shawn and Jonathan read through 20 new emails from the readers, solving problems, helping people, making friends. It's just what we do here.

- Chuck writes in to suggest Dies the Fire, as we discuss the fact that we need to actually get that book one day.
- Wes wants to know if we'll ever cover natural disasters as well as nuclear disasters
- Akin gives us some great advice on NOT burning zombies (link from David), plus the LiveJournal zombie community and a puppet show for kids!
- ADR writes in to recommend a few PA classics like Dr Bloodmoney
- Wolfenhex writes in to tell us about an unexpected PA racing game: Fuel
- Sulgicron IV wants to know what types of characters we play in Fallout 3
- Marc and Welshtroll give us a bit more info on Survivors
- David wants to know what got us started in the PA genre
- Rob makes some PA recommendations and asks our advice on some good older PA games for the PS2
- Nick tells us how he got hooked on the PA genre from his gf who bought him Fallout 3! How cool is that
- UndeadDog writes in to give us a great early PA poem written by Sara Teasdale in 1920
- Brother D from Mail Order Zombie checks in to let us know he's a big fan (We love you too, Brother D!)
- Ghostjeep recommends Trigger Effect
- Simon recommends an anime movie called Grave of the Fireflies, which he says is one of the saddest movies he's ever seen.
- D writes in to make some great suggestions for movies, the website and even some great Carl Sagan theories!
- An anonymous tipster lets us know about the upcoming Discovery Channel show called The Colony
- And finally, J.P. Moore writes in to tell us about his own podcast/audio book that focuses on the zombie apocalypse in the 12th century!

Next week's show will probably be our Jericho topic, so look for that in about 2 weeks!

- Fallout 3 Mod of the Show: A reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit! Yay!
- Video of the show: The Annoying Man won't shut up!
- This episode needs more Rush

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Theme music is The Fourth Tribe by Michael Gordon Shapiro. Used with permission.

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