Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Episode 47

Download Episode 47

Yes! That's right! There's a new episode of Through the Aftermath!

Episode 47 is our chance to catch up with what we've been up to for the last 11 months, including news on Jonathan's Fallout: New Vegas MEGA MOD. Plus, ya know, we needed an excuse to get another Jonathan intro out there. This one will have you in stitches!

Theme music is The Fourth Tribe by Michael Gordon Shapiro. Used with permission.


  1. YES a new episode!

    Bu, poor Timmy...

  2. this seems like a semi appopriate place to comment as i can;t find anywhere else to do it. I got here becuase I was trying to reply to a news article about fallen earth by shawn shuster about fallen earth here

    In particular comment that the game does not suck: Have you tried the new 2.4 patch? It didn't used to but it does now.

    ALL of the problems with the game seem to surround it. Basically what they did, was Say the game was a freemium model, get a bunch of press and awesome reviews, then reverse themselves. The game is now effectively crippleware. You cannot play the game effectively without a subscription. The game is ALL about crafting. Basically all the gear in the game is crafted, and almost all of the loot is crafting components. While crafting is still tehnically possible for f2p players at very low level, and doable if you play a non crafting toon that only does stuff like make ammo, and buys the rest of his gear from other players, Crafting of complex items can now only really be done by subscribers. It was bait and switch. What you;re seeing is not a repositioning, it;s a mass rage quit/firing by both developers and the majority of the player base. i was a member of a 180 member clan. After I quit, I waited a while and posted on the clan forum to see if gamers first had seen the error of their ways. There was only one player left in the clan who replied. He stated that it was basically a desert out there. Some of the projected problems with the patch did not materialize, simply because so many players quit that they were no longer possible. They appear to be hopping to repopulate from steam, because the metascore reviews were all good, and they won;t change till the game is re reviewed. It NEEDS a re-review. It is not the same type of game it was. Ironically in other aspects the patch was a great success They did improve game mechanics, and if you do sub the game is as good or better than it was, if you're willing to accept a sparse population.

  3. :o are you guys back?! This is the best news ever!