Thursday, June 4, 2015

Episode 55

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We're back already with our promised impressions of Mad Max: Fury Road in the first half of this episode, and some serious discussion about the brand new Fallout 4 announcement trailer in the second half.

Just a warning about the first half: If you haven't seen Fury Road yet and want to avoid spoilers, avoid the section from the 10-minute mark through to the 44-minute mark where we discuss the plot quite extensively.

We also mention a reader's post-apoc radio sitcom called "Don't Worry; It's Only the End of the World," so be sure to check that out on iTunes.

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Theme music is The Fourth Tribe by Michael Gordon Shapiro. Used with permission.


  1. Nice podcast guys, can not wait till you talk about all the Fallout 4 news from E3

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  3. I could get use to monthly shows (again). "So good!" Guys, a few ideas. There has been a resergence of fallout 3/New Vegas gaming and 2 good podcasts have sprung up that are doing round tables of those games as well as coverage of fallout 4. Kinda like you all did when New Vegas was on the wastland horizon back in the day. That being said, here are my recommendations. 1 I would love to see your old episodes back on iTunes, people are searching for anything post apocalyptic/ fallout. 2 these new podcasts are looking for people to be on the shows (I know one is at least) that might be a good opportunity to push the MOD.
    The 2 podcasts are "fallout off the record" and "the fallout feed"
    Anyways, love you guys. Stay alive out there!