Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Episode 21

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In this 21st episode of Through the Aftermath, Shawn and Jonathan read a handful of emails from the listeners. If you still haven't had an email read on the show, sit tight as we have a handful left to get to.

Next episode will be about The Postman, both the movie and the book. We'll compare the two and let you know what you're missing if you've only seen the movie.

The TTA site and forums are down right now as the result of a hack, but they will hopefully be back faster than the last time the forums were down! These raiders are persistent, I tell ya.

Some links we mentioned:

Zombie Driver: http://news.filefront.com/zombie-driver-debut-trailer/
Rage: http://www.rage-game.com/home.action
Lifenet Fallen Earth podcast: http://lagwar.com/fallenearth/

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Theme music is The Fourth Tribe by Michael Gordon Shapiro. Used with permission.


  1. Wait, so are there forums are not? The last post says no more forums, but this post says to keep in touch with you on the forums.

  2. Oops! I copy/pasted that from last week's episode. So still no forum.

  3. I'll repost this here, cause the comments at virginworlds seem to be a bit inactive.

    It's aiononline.com, as one of Jonathan's guesses went.
    I wanted to point out, that before some time ago EvE-Online's website was www.eve-online.com, which still works, but redirects. The current mainsite www.eveonline.com was a website for dental care products/services. I never bothered to look into it more, cause, let's face it, if you're going to the EvE-Online website you won't stop to snore over dental care. Not sure exactly when, but I suspect round this year was when CCP managed to get the non-dash URl for themselves.

    Other, than that, a lot of games are like game(-)online.extension
    There's globalagendagame.com, though globalagenda.com is open

  4. Wow guys thanks for the love -omniac ( the all things geek guy)