Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome, wastelanders!

Well, the everlasting battle with webhosts has hit a setback, and ole Shawn is retreating a bit. Last week, the server that housed my sites (all 4 of them) was hacked and the main index pages were lost on each one. The information is there for everything, it's just a matter of a missing index page, which -- of course -- I don't have a recent back-up for.

With all the problems I've had with webhosting over the years, I've decided to finally retire that fight. I'm transferring everything I can over to Blogger.com sites and Flickr accounts and services that aren't handled completely by me. This will be much easier on me, and hopefully with less downtime for you.

So I'm going through the process of manually restoring posts on this site, and hopefully, will have it all back to semi-normal soon.

Of course, this means a much more stream-lined version of the old site (including, yes, no more forums for now), but I just never got into podcasting to deal with webhost problems and hackers.


  1. well let me start off by saying that i was a fairly new listener to the podcast and started around episode 18, and when 19 rolled around i was hooked. during the gap between 19 and 20 i went back and listened to all the older podcasts while playing various games. great stuff btw. as far as the hacking of your site im sorry to hear that and im confident in saying that we the fans will be eagerly awaiting the next podcast or news patiently. dont let this set back lower morale as we the fans will follow you hell or high water. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...

  2. Should we create a google group or something for the Fallen Earth Clan?

    I would be happy to create a forum for the clan or the podcast on my forums.

  3. Keep fighting the good fight, man!

  4. If the clan needs a new home after the forums, i have a site running on the ning network called Fallen Earth Wanderers (just like i did for Tabula Rasa with AFS Soldiers), there isn't much happening at the site right now so the clan/Fallen Earth fans are more than welcome to join the site and live things up a little :)

  5. Should probably mention the link.. http://fallenearthwanderers.ning.com/