Monday, October 26, 2009

Episode 22

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In this 22nd episode of Through the Aftermath, the topic is The Postman. This covers both the 1985 novel by David Brin, and the 1997 movie starring Kevin Costner. Which one did we like better? What were our favorite parts of each? Why are these two works of media even named the same?!

We also read an email from Jason which points us towards Operation Able Archer, and how important it was to what could have been a full-scale nuclear war, in much the same style as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Next episode will be with the guys from LifeNet, the Fallen Earth podcast.

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Theme music is The Fourth Tribe by Michael Gordon Shapiro. Used with permission.


  1. Great show, guys. As always very well done,thought-provoking and humorous. Looks like I've found my next read. Thanks!


  2. wonderful show need to find a copy of the book now keep up the good work

  3. /cry I thought 23 would be out by now?

    great show guys

  4. Got turned onto you by the Lifenet podcast. New Fallen Earth player (because of Lifenet also lol). Great podCast! Looking forward to #23. Glad I have 21 more episodes to listen to while I burn gas and feed in the Grand Canyon.

    This is the first time I have heard someone else describe the same problem I encountered in mid August with my web host. I run with Dreamhost, and have been with them since early 03. Awesome hosting service. They weren't really specific with me on the phone about my interruption since they do not tech support security issues with installed web software.

    Which I can totally understand. The hack was the exact way you described it. Nothing further malicious was done except the Brag Index.html on every single one of my domains under my service. Which lead me to investigate and come up with two things.

    1. I was not using sftp protocols to transmit my login/data for upload.

    2. Research on the hacker group lead me to a South American conglomerate of teen angst pimplers. Pretty much chest huff hacks only. Which how they got in, was via security flaws in previous PHPBB and Joomla web kits. Both of these open source projects stay on top of known exploits in security, but if me, the user... Doesn't upload the updates, I leave myself open to events like this. Which is why it happened. Because I installed and forgot about it mindset. This left me with almost a week of communication with my clients (33 hosted sites) work to do.

    If you still have interest to to restore your original index pages, or need to know how for future knowledge... Just know that your web host does do backups, and since the majority of your index pages wouyld be format /markers for the data in the database, if works pretty flawless to restore the index page and be back up and running. But just know that you then need to go through and make sure to change your login info, your security information and perform updates for each and every bit of installed web applications you are running. A little bit of work huh? :(

    Just wanted to share with ya my experiences in a very similar situation.

    Your podcast def has a new subscriber!

  5. Love the show! Keep up the good work